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I Offer My Clients First-Rate, Creative & Personalized Attention

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Hi! I’m Surface Designer Hilary Rinaldi, and I Think About Patterns Everywhere I Go!

Hiking, Biking, Reading, Grocery Shopping, Pretty Much Anywhere


Because anywhere I go, especially outdoors, is very inspirational for me, (maybe because I have a B.S. in Horticulture).

So I take that passion, and use my creative, out-of-the-box exuberance for color, texture, love of nature, playfulness, and design to connect with people through surface patterns. I want to delight customers year-in-and-year-out, and to make sure that my patterns harmonize completely with their desires and lifestyles.

I simply adore, coming up with innovative concepts that will be used by someone for their home decor, stationery, apparel, or any other products, and I can’t seem to stop thinking about it a lot of the time – Yikes!

Kind Words:

“Great fun working with Hilary!”

Evelyn Glass – Glass Studios

I Like to Keep It Simple For You & Me

1. So I strive to make your job (and life) a bit easier: I do that by providing dependable personalized service and meeting your needs to the best of my ability. It’s similar to an in-house design team, but in a smaller, less expensive way.

2. As a surface designer, I focus on one thing: to make anyone who looks at my artwork happy. To connect with you and your customers in a friendly, good-natured way that serves us both.

3. As I see it, we help each other collaborate: while I provide distinctive, memorable designs, for an ever-changing marketplace, that your customers and clients will come back for time and again. To see my surface designs please go to my Portfolio

Kind Words:

“Thanks for hanging in there with us. We were kind of confused, and we know that threw off and delayed you doing your job, but we got there in the end and we love our artwork! Thank you for all your patience and professionalism.”

Simone West – Head of Product Management

Request Access to My Licensing Showroom

Like to use my patterns on your products? I am a licensing artist so please get in touch to request access to my full showroom of patterns and prints!

Why Did I Become a Surface Designer?
Good Question! Here’s the Short Version:

Hilary A. Rinaldi

Owner, HAR Surface Patterns

Being a surface designer allows me to focus on what I love to do the most and what my strongest talents are. I love being creative, being around creative people, and using my imagination to produce inventive, novel concepts.

More importantly, I’m a problem solver and love helping people. Because of my varied background, I can make your job easier, because your needs, market and business have similarities to many people I have worked with for years!

For 22+ years I owned and operated a Marketing, Public Relations, Design and SEO firm with four employees.

I was looking for a new direction for my career, having accomplished what I wanted with my business. It was great luck that I was introduced to textile and pattern design from a newspaper article given to my by my Mom! What a day!

Total delight was my reaction and I have never looked back.

Thanks again Mom!


You are always welcome to stop by and look for original patterns and ideas, because I’m here to help, and am a proven creator of winning designs.

I’m a six-time winner of the prestigious “American Graphic Design Award” – a national award judged by top design executives throughout the nation for:

Graphic Design

To see my surface designs please go to my Portfolio